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Outer Banks
On February 23, we’re going to see the Outer Banks get wilder and crazier with each episode, and the pokes aren’t close to going back to their carefree beach days and parties because they had to deal with a number of opponents in the first season.

And after two chaotic seasons, more powerful and wealthy villains were LED onto them. After losing their Golden Cross, The Pogues awoke to find themselves on a deserted island with everything they need. The teaser shows a private island with a stunning view of the sun sets, and their continued survival is a testament to the youngster’s tenacity and the show’s commitment to telling their story.

Outer banks makers have said that the stakes are raising for this new episode, so how out of control will things become in the following season?

When analyzing the second season, there were many unresolved plot threads and a ton of new characters joining the screen as for who is returning, The Pogues realize that their adventures in the first two seasons were merely the Prelude to the granddaddy of all treasure hunts. With this being said, it is crystal clear that we’re in for a lot of surprises. Carla limbre was one of the new characters that we met, along with The Pogues and Cooks, and we’ll encounter other folks as well.

At the end of season two, Big John, John B’s father who was still very much alive, told Carla Lungre that he would help her find the enchanted Shroud of Turin somewhere. Everyone was shocked by this because it was like an atomic blast and it caused many controversies, according to an interview with Metacritic.com.

Carla Lungre is played by Elizabeth Mitchell and will undoubtedly have one of the most important roles in the series. Elizabeth Mitchell briefly discussed her character of Limbre, mentioning that she spends the majority of her time with Big John. I’m not sure whether you could call it “teaming up,” but they do spend a lot of time together, especially in the first portion.

I’m not sure limbry is really a team player, but let’s just say Carla limbre is getting a lot more screen time than she did in season two, and her character was suspicious right away because, in addition to knowing a lot about the Royal Merchant and having evidence to clear John B, she also had a lot of information about the Pope’s ancestry.

So who is this woman who is looking back in time? As we piece the puzzle together, we find a number of fan hypotheses, one of which is quite plausible. Sarah and Rafe refer to their Mrs. Cameron as Rose rather than their mother, making it plain that she is not their real mother.
The Pogues’ intense battle with Legre, who eventually teams up with Rafe over the cross of Santo Domingo, and something Legery says to Rave that somehow supports this Theory add to this. Lindbergh also admitted to having a long and painful past with Ward; is it possible that their love connection ended?

Other factors supporting this include the fact that Lindbergh had such inside information about The Pogues and everything that was going. The revelation that John B.’s father was truly alive was one of the second season’s biggest storyline twists.

For Pope, he won’t have his heart broken, well, maybe a little, but it will mend quickly after Cleo joins The Pogues on their treasure hunt. It’s been hinted at a few times that Cleo will end up with Pope. He meets Cleo at the season finale, and it’s obvious that there will be a romance between the two based on their physical interaction and some eye contact that is both captivating and intriguing.

When asked about her thoughts on these two dating, Carlacia Grant, who betrays Cleo, responded in a way that gave the relationship plenty of opportunity to grow. She said: “I can’t confirm or deny the famed Outer Banks couple Sarah and John B have come a long way.”

After John B proposed and Sarah accepted, they will have a real wedding this time, and there is a strong possibility that Sarah may become pregnant now that will have a significant impact on the show. If not, the wedding will be there for sure.
so are you as excited as everyone else about this as it moves toward season three?

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